Visiting brown dog ice cream is an experience. Locals and visitors alike mingle in and outside of the shop. They “belly up to the bar” and catch up on the latest happenings in town. Families gather together by sheer coincidence, catching up or meeting each other for the first time. Children’s laughter fills the shop. Watching the little ones growing from year to year and watching the tiny ones master their first ice cream cone, savoring each spoonful or each sprinkle or their first taste of ice cream EVER.

To enter brown dog ice cream is to step back to a time when ice cream was hand made from cherished recipes, using the freshest ingredients, and served only to family and friends. In Cape Charles, Virginia, you can rekindle that childhood memory of a hot summer day near the seashore. The taste is sweetest when the weather is warmest, on a day whose high point was an ice-cold, hand-dipped ice cream cone savored slowly in the shade of an old tree. For brown dog ice cream, that sense-memory is the reason for our business and guides us daily to our goal: to recreate for our visitors that perfect moment of the first taste, when the mind is flooded with flavor and creamy coolness evoking those dog days of summer. Our contentment comes from our customers’ love of what we do—and we enjoy nothing more than the look of bliss on the face of a child completely captivated by our homemade ice cream.

“Ice cream makes our days happier, which in turn, makes our communities stronger, which in the long run, makes the world go round”. – Vada Sultenfuss