The namesake of brown dog ice cream is a gentle and lovable chocolate lab named Foster. He is often found being driven in a golf cart around town by his dad and personal driver, Steve. His multiple daily visits to the the ice cream shop are not only the high point of his day but also of the many children (and adults) who he greets with a gentle lick if requested.

As Foster pulls up in the cart, the screeches and excitement of the little ones yelling: “Look Mom, it’s the REAL brown dog!” will bring a smile to anyone's face. Foster is always ready to give a kiss, have his picture taken or to clean a face or two of any traces of leftover ice cream.

Whether he is greeting customers, helping to raise awareness of the summer reading program at the Cape Charles Memorial Library or raising funds for the New Roots Youth Garden he is eager and willing to help.

Our lives, or for that matter, this little town by the bay would not be the same without him.